About Us

All of my life I have struggled with health problems, whether it be my energy level, fighting diseases, or various disorders, I knew I had to make some health changes to better my life. I started with prescriptions, which only bred new issues, so I began looking for alternative options.

I am always in search of new healing methods, and heard about a chiropractic doctor in Alabama who was practicing holistic medicine. After just a few trips he helped me feel better and more energized. He recommended several herbal supplements, and I started to cut down on the medications and add more supplements. Eventually I was completely off all drugs and feeling great! 

Soon after I was hired at an herbal shop in Cartersville, GA and worked there for two years. During this time in my healing process I learned that herbal supplements really work! 

Customers encouraged me to open my own shop and share my life story. In May 2017, I opened Herbs, Vitamins & More in Dallas, GA, and after only a year and a half in business, I have established a long list of returning customers. I receive weekly calls from people who share their positive changes in health and are thankful for consultations. My own experience and customer testimonials make me even more excited to serve the community!